Hammers Fans Score High For Fair Play

WEST Ham United are currently second in the Fair Play League for the behaviour of the public. The table is compiled by the Premier League who award points for the conduct of fans at every game home and away.

Company Director Scott Duxbury is delighted that Hammers fans are being seen as such good ambassadors for the Club in the Premiership.

Scott said: "This is fantastic new for the Club and our fans. We receive many letters from other clubs praising the conduct of our supporters at their grounds so it is great they are also getting this public recognition for the way they behave."

There are five London clubs in all occupying places in the top six which is fantastic news for the City as a whole, the top of the table looks like this:

1. Chelsea

2. West Ham United

3. Fulham

4. Charlton

5. Wigan

6. Arsenal

£20,000 will be awarded to the Club with the best behaved fans come the end of the season.

The first-team squad are also performing well in the Fair Play League where they currently lie fifth for their good behaviour on the pitch.