Bobby Believes There Is Even Better To Come

BOBBY Zamora scored his fourth goal of the season last night with a fantastic bit of individual skill to put Hammers back in the game after going a goal down after 11 minutes.

The striker was happy with his goal but is quick to point out the rest of the team deserved praise as well.

Bobby said post-match: "I am obviously delighted with the goal, I know it was a good individual effort, but the all-round team performance is what is important and I thought everyone did brilliantly tonight."

When asked what was going through his mind as he received the throw-in from Marlon he replied:

"I didn't really think about it, I knew I had to flick it over the defender's head then had another couple to get round then I looked up and knew the only place to stick it was between the 'keepers' legs and that's what I did."

Despite the amount of praise heaped on the striker for his effort, he maintains he can play better and was actually disappointed with his own performance.

"It was a really important goal I know that, then we just carried on from there. But if I am totally honest I didn't think it was the greatest performance from Marlon and myself but then we both got a goal. We are out there to do a job and sometimes you don't play well but you score and obviously the team will take that week in week out.

"I felt my final pass let the team down a couple of times and maybe we could have held the ball better at times, but like I said, we did our job and the boys at the back did theirs as well and that is what resulted in the three points.

"I will just learn from this match like I do every match and my game will keep improving. I know I can perform at this level and score good goals and hopefully I went some way to proving that tonight but there is still more to come from me."