Bobby: I'm Innocent

Bobby Zamora strenuously denies deliberately stomping on Jason Talbot towards the end of Wednesday night's 1-1 draw with Derby.

Bobby caught Talbot shortly after coming on as a late substitute for Teddy Sheringham with the pair running towards the corner of the pitch, and was booked as a result, but he explains:

"I was running full pelt and he fell in front of me; barring doing the splits, which I didn't fancy doing, that was the only place I could put my foot.

"I think Graham Poll knows me and he sort of took that into account - he knows I am not a malicious player.

"It is not my thing to be like that, I thought I was quite innocent, and I just stood still to see what came after it happened."

Bobby feels the fact that Mo Konjic - who was also shown the yellow card - ran so far to confront Bobby, joined by several other players, might have had an influence, and he adds:

"I thought the yellow card was a little bit unfair but it is obviously better than a red, which people were trying to get me!

"The ball was right in front of me and when you are running at that sort of pace there is not much you can do."

Bobby says there are no hard feelings with on-loan Talbot, and adds:

"He plays football, he knows what happens in a game."

And Alan Pardew adds:

"It was over-enthusiasm - nothing malicious."

And opposite number George Burley did not contest the referee's verdict that it was not an intentional stamp.

With just the one point from two creditable displays on the road, Bobby admits:

"We have been unlucky we haven't won with those performances but we have conceded some slightly scrappy goals, and we will be working hard to make sure they don't happen again.

"We have not got what we deserved - but we can't have bad luck all the time, can we?"

Bobby acknowledges that he may be on the bench again on Saturday against Wolves and adds:

"That is going to be a tough game - they are a good side.

"It is a big squad and Marlon and Teddy, who are obviously good players, are doing well.

"I have to bide my time and when I do get a chance try and notch a goal whenever I can."

As for Alan's view on the game, he says:

"I thought we were magnificent considering what happened to us on Sunday; that was a major shock to us, and I was pleased with how we responded.

"We were strong against a much-improved Derby side and we are a little bit cross with ourselves for not getting the win."