Tony's Big Impression

Tony Gale remembers that he encountered Brian Clough just once in his professional career - but it was enough to make an impression!

"I had him as my manager for a game at England youth level and he frightened the life out of me then, but you can only have respect for the great man," he says.

"He was in charge though we didn't actually have him for the game, just the build-up, and then he pulled out.

"He saw it as a route into the FA for the full England job but it didn't quite come off and he didn't turn up for the game - but he still scared me!"

Disappointed though he was by the loss at Forest, Tony reckons there was an air of inevitability about the day, and adds:

"Although we lost at the weekend, it was really Forest's - and Brian Clough's - day, wasn't it?

"I suppose the old boy was looking down and prompting those two goals."