Friends And Rivals

Chris Powell says that Rufus Brevett was one of the first players to greet him when he came to West Ham on loan from Charlton - and that meant a lot to him.

The pair are both rivals for the left back spot, but Chris reveals:

"It has been strange because I have known Rufus for a number of years and he was one of the first people that came up to me last Friday - I was very grateful for that because obviously I am coming in and need to settle.

"I want to play and so does he - he had a long time out last year and he is a very good player who is popular here.

"I am under no illusions that if I don't do well if I get the chance to play he will come straight back in.

"I got the shirt against Rotherham and if I get it against Ipswich I have to perform because if I don't he will come right back.

"But I think that is what the boss wants with competition and there is also Chris Cohen who plays left back or midfield.

"I think the manager has looked at it and thought if he can get myself and Rufus fighting for a place that can only be good for West Ham.

"Rufus played well at Sheffield, I felt, and obviously he didn't play against Rotherham, which I am sure he was disappointed about.

"But he is a good player - and a witty guy! - and we get on well."

He insists their friendhip will survive the rivalry and adds:

"He has shown what sort of man he is and I really respect him for that; we will get on with it because the aim is for West Ham."

Looking to the Ipswich match, he adds:

"I watched the game in the playoffs when we knocked them out 2-0 and they are an attacking side who want to play as we do.

"It will be quite open and I am sure the atmosphere will be very good.

"If we can get the three points to take us up to nine that would be a fantastic week, most definitely."

Chris, though on loan at the moment from Charlton, was included in the official team photo taken on Friday - a week after missing the Charlton one because he was on his way to Sheffield having just signed for West Ham on loan!