Matthew: I'm Marked

Matthew Etherington admits that he is becoming a marked man this season - but he is prepared to face that challenge.

"It is tough because I find this year whenever I am getting the ball I have two players on me - so it is harder to get into the game.

"It is something I have to deal with and it I just have to get on with it; I am not bothered about how well I am performing because we have got off to a good start and as long as I am doing a job for the team to help us win that's what makes me happy."

As for the free kick goal that won the points, he says:

"It was nice to get the first goal of the season and I was pleased with it.

"I have been doing those in training and hadn't scored yet so I told Teddy to move over, that is was my turn - but I won't be hitting one with my right foot next time!"

Matthew expects a better game on Saturday after the frustrations of overcoming Rotherham by the narrowest of margins, and he adds:

"We are looking all right at the minute but there is a pressure game on Saturday - if we can win that we will be looking good.

"It will be a tough game against a side that I think will be up there this season.

"They get the ball down so it should be a bit more entertaining for the fans on Saturday.

"When teams put 10 men behind the ball like Rotherham it is hard for us to break them down and it is not the best game to watch - but both teams will be wanting to win on Saturday.

"Rotherham got 10 men behind the ball to frustrate us but never looked threatening at the other end - they came with a plan to stifle us and that is what they were doing but we kept on going.

"In the first half we had a few chances from crosses but that is what we have to do when we play teams like that; we have to get the ball in and that is what I aim to do."

Matthew is feeling positive about the future and adds:

"The gaffer has got some good players in and that has helped us - and we had a great crowd on Tuesday so that was good."