Rotherham Ticket News

Since the weekend the ticket office has noticed a huge upsurge of interest for this evening's fixtureagainst Rotherham, obviously this is great news and as with all supporters wewould hope for as large a crowd creating as good an atmosphere as possible.

The Rotherham fixture is a Kids For A Quid with all under 16's costing just £1 and adult prices starting from just £24. Would supporters without tickets please note that the quickest method of gaining entry is via a pay turnstile, these are open from 18.30pm onwards and are available in the following areas.

Area Turnstile numbers Adult Child Directions Centenary lower 1 & 2 £24 £1 North west corner of stadium Bobby Moore Upper 46 & 51 £30 £1 Enter via Castle St or Priory Rd Dr Martens Upper 16 £30 £1 North west corner of stadium 17 £32 £1 As above 18 £30 £1 28 £30 £1 Enter via Castle St 29 £30 £1 As above

Whilst there are a large number of tickets available on the evening and we would not expect to reach capacity we do strongly advise supporters either collecting or purchasing tickets to arrive as early as possible. Large numbers of supporters arriving late can cause congestion and delays entering the stadium.

The ticket office thanks you for your co-operation in the above.