Injury Latest

The news is good concerning Steve Lomas, Bobby Zamora, Anton Ferdinand, and Don Hutchison who are all recovering well from injury.

Says physio Andy Walker:

"Steve is still coming back to full fitness after a problem which he picked up after playing in a short space of time and doing a lot of training, but I am glad to say he trained today after running yesterday without any ill effects.

"With him it is good news that he is on his way back with no problems again; he is suspended for Rotherham anyway, and we are just being cautious with him to make sure he is 100% and ready when he returns.

"I don't know if he will be involved in the reserves on Wednesday, and, as for Saturday, we will just have to judge it by how he does in training - of course the ultimate decision is with the manager.

"Bobby has been out for four weeks with a medial ligament strain of the right knee and he has recovered very well, to be honest.

"He has done a lot of running and work in the gym and he is back training now, which is good news.

"Hopefully he will have a full week of training this week after a couple of days last week and with luck he will get involved as early as possible - but he is out of the treatment room.

"Hutch has progressed really well with his knee; obviously it has been quite a while now because he had a lot of swelling on his knee preseason due to his previous operation the year before, towards the end of last season.

"With him working hard to get back to full fitness his knee just swelled up but he is running with no problems and he has started to do slight twisting and turning.

"The good thing for him from a motivational point of view is that after working well in the gym he has got himself outside and he is not far off ball work.

"Obviously Anton Ferdinand, who got his kick on the fibula of the right leg, has just taken it easy for a few days to get the swelling down.

"But he ran yesterday and trained today and he is looking at getting back to football, so that is more good news."

Two of the younger players in the squad are on the injured list, and Andy adds:

"Mark Noble sprained his ankle in a training session but he has started running again and he will be training fully as of Monday next week.

"Graeme Carrick has had an unfortunate incident on his ankle and we are just getting some more confirmation back off another specialist - but it looks at the moment that he will require some surgery."

That is an irony considering brother Michael has had an ankle problem just diagnosed, but generally, though, the news is good, and Andy concludes:

"The bigger the squad the better we are looking and there aren't too many in the injury room.

"From our perspective things are looking good with everyone on the way back and no major setbacks."