Ludo: Let Battle Commence

Ludek Miklosko is backing James Walker to push Steve Bywater all the way for a place between the sticks.

"I think James is a very good shot stopper and deserved the chance to play in the first team against Southend recently," he says.

"He is keeping Stephen Bywater on his toes and this is what we want; the boys get on, are helping each other, and train hard.

"I think Stephen looked like he was a little bit nervous in the last game against Coventry and he can do better but that is part of learning and he is still very young for a goalkeeper.

"He only played a few games last season and was injured for a couple of years prior to that."

He says the younger keepers, Darren Behcet - who saved a twice taken penalty against Arsenal reserves in the week - and Matthew Reed are coming along well, adding:

"Darren did very well on the penalties and even though he conceded five goals Arsenal played very well - our defenders couldn't cope, especially after Tommy Laws got sent off.

"But the young lads, Darren and Matthew Reed, are working hard and progressing."

Looking at the overall situation, he adds:

"It is a very difficult division and especially with our players changing during preseason and more recently - so it is not easy to get it together.

"Anyone can beat anyone and it is not simple to get a run because all the teams are working hard.

"We just need to settle down now a little bit with the new players; hopefully they will do it for us and we will start winning."

As for the controversy surrounding David James, who Ludo coached until midway through last season, he shrugs:

"It was a hard week for him but I don't really want to talk about it; it is not my business now, David is gone, and it is the problem of him and others."