Bobby: Back Soon

Bobby Zamora hopes to return to full training action at some time in the week.

Although ruled out of the trip to Sheffield United despite making good progress during the two week break, he reckons he is nearly there.

"My fitness is all right," he insists, "but the knee is slightly sore.

"It is getting better all the time and hopefully I will be back in full training some time in the week.

"To get injured a few days after the Wigan game when I scored was a blow for me.

"But I am back passing and hitting balls - I just want to be on the safe side because if you catch it again it can set you back a little bit.

"So I think it is just better to miss Sheffield and try and crack on for the rest of the season with no injuries, hopefully."

He knows, of course, that he faces a battle to get back in the side and adds:

"Teddy is doing well, Marlon is working hard and has got a couple of goals now, and it is going to be hard.

"But that is what we want - a bit of a competitive challenge between us all.

"There is so much you can learn from Teddy; he is a top class striker with plenty of medals under his belt and plenty of knowledge - watching him in training you can learn a lot."

When he does return to the first team there will be several new colleagues to play with after the flurry of recent signings, and he says:

"There are a few new faces so everyone is gelling in and I think after a little while everyone will know exactly where they are meant to be and what they are doing - and we will get the results."