Peter Backs Bobby

Peter Grant is backing Bobby Zamora to get on the goal trail soon - and hopes it happens against Gillingham.

"It would be great for him," says Peter.

"Sometimes you are so determined going in to a game you actually do the wrong things but I think for big periods of the game on Tuesday he looked as if he was threatening to do things all the time - and now he has got to take that mantle on and be a threat.

"We know he is capable of that and so do a lot of people; that is why Tottenham paid a lot of money for him and why we brought him in.

"People see that ability but he has to prove it more often; there is no doubt it is in there, he just has to get that consistency.

"It has been stop/start for him this season with the injury but I think he can be a major asset."

Looking at the questions Gillingham might pose, Peter adds:

"The one thing that Gillingham have never lacked throughout their performances is fighting spirit; people say they haven't done this or they haven't done that but the one thing they have is effort and commitment to the cause.

"When you are backed into a corner you fight back and show inner strength; against Sheffield United last weekend they showed great determination and on Tuesday against Millwall they showed the same.

"We have to take care of our business, though, and we have to out-think and out-fight the other team and hope it all comes to fruition."

"We are determined and desperate to put a run of victories together and I thought on Tuesday we played very well against a team that was going to make it very difficult for us."