Hayden: We Need A Run

Hayden Mullins feels that the win over Stoke can help build up the momentum to go on a winning run in the Championship.

"I think we are starting to get going now and the defeat on Saturday was a bit of a blip - we were losing players right up to the day of the game.

"But we have got Mattie, Malky, and Teddy back with Calum to come so the squad is looking stronger and that is the main thing.

"We need to get on a roll again and pick up some more wins; the most important thing is if you lose a game you win a couple to make it up and that is what we need to try and do."

Hayden envies the seven game streak QPR went on before it was ended midweek by Preston and he adds:

"The last couple of teams to do that have won the league because runs like that don't come about very often.

"Wigan are the front runners at the moment, though, and we have to stay in touch with them."

He admits that Saturday at Loftus Road was not a pleasant experience and adds:

"It was frustrating because we didn't create much at all; they were determined and did what they do well, getting at us.

"You have games like that but how you bounce back is very important and last year Stoke frustrated us and nicked a 1-0 win so we knew they could do similar on Tuesday.

"They tried to, but I think we were very good on the night; all the lads looked very bright and lively and showed how much they wanted to make up for Saturday.

"I feel I did okay and there weren't too many scares at the back.

"They have a very aggressive front two in Adi and Gifton; they put themselves about, and have been troubling a lot of defences this year which I am sure they will continue to do.

"The key at the back is staying 100% concentrated and don't forget we still have two very experienced players in Christian Dailly and Andy Melville to come back - it all adds strength to the squad.

"It is a difficult league with everyone beating everyone and you just have to try and be consistent."

Looking to Gillingham, he says:

"It is a game we are looking to get three points from and I am sure that if we go about it in the same way as we did on Tuesday we will get them."

As for Alan Pardew's first year in charge, Hayden - the first player he signed - says:

"A lot of players have come and gone and it does take time to bed in.

"There is good competition throughout the whole squad and if someone else is in you have to back them."