Peter: Bring It On

Peter Grant says he thrives on the expectancy at West Ham - rather than finding it a burden.

With Tuesday's victory against Stoke described by Alan Pardew in the build-up as a 'must-win' game, Peter is calling on the players to enjoy the demands placed upon them as professionals.

"Every game we play for West Ham United we are expected to win and it is a fantastic pressure - brilliant - because that is when you know you are at a top club," he says.

"You either have to sink or swim with that and as a player I was fortunate enough to play under that pressure constantly - because second meant nothing.

"It might be every other team's cup final but for us as players you should be thriving on that if they give you that respect, going with your team to sell-out stadia because everyone wants to see you play.

"It is a fantastic thing to be involved in but what you have to do is grasp it and make it better."

Peter still has some months to go before he, like Alan Pardew, can celebrate a year at Upton Park, but he says:

"It isn't hard working for West Ham United; it is a pleasure and a pride so when people say has it been tough I say it has been fantastic for me because it has been a joy working at this football club."