Mattie - Fingers Crossed

Matthew Etherington had mixed feelings after the 2-0 win over Stoke City on Tuesday night.

First and foremost, he was pleased to help his side pick up three points; he was also delighted there was no adverse reaction to coming back following a groin operation.

The only down side to Tuesday was the fact that he twisted an ankle, which necessitated him having to go off early in the second half.

"The ankle was quite sore because I went over on it and twisted it - I am not very happy with that but these things happen," he says.

The big plus is that he came back so soon from his operation, and he says:

"It is two weeks today that I had it and it went well against Stoke - I didn't feel my groin at all so full marks to the surgeon, Mr. Lloyd, that did it for me.

"Two weeks' recovery is unheard of because normally it takes four or five weeks to come back from a hernia - that has gone well and is a big positive to take out of Tuesday."

Matthew even saw a video of the op and he admits:

"It was a little bit gory - but it was good to see what was going on with your own groin; it is a new operation, and unbelievable what they can do."

As for the game overall, Matthew says:

"We played well and dominated the game from start to finish - and were good for the three points and towards the end it was very comfortable.

"We need another three points on Saturday and it will put us right back up there again.

"The manager said before the game that we need two home wins and we are halfway to doing that.

"The win on Tuesday does not take the pressure off, though, because we still have to beat Gillingham."