Teddy's Tribute

Teddy Sheringham has dedicated his goal against Stoke City on Tuesday night to the memory of Portsmouth fan Tom Prince.

Tom suffered from leukaemia, sadly passing away on Monday, and Teddy, who got to befriend - and admire - the brave youngster when he was at Pompey last season, says:

"I just want to say that my goal was for him and his family.

"He was a lovely young boy and would have been 16 today.

"I would like to send his family warm wishes and condolences.

"I met Tom and his mum and dad and got to know him from last Christmas onwards.

"I soon realised what a wonderful lad he was - it is such a big shame."

Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp, who bought Tom a bulldog, had spoken about him in glowing terms on Monday evening after his side beat Spurs.

It is clear that Tom made a big impression on everyone that met him.

As for the strike that gave West Ham a two goal cushion on Tuesday evening, Teddy says:

"It was a lovely goal, not one I try all the time, though Marlon does them a lot in training.

"It is just something that is put in your mind that is an option if it comes across - and the ball bulleted in with good pace, so I just had to divert it home.

"I think it was just a natural instinct to flick it goalwards - and luckily for me it went in."

Last season Stoke beat West Ham at Upton Park and Teddy says:

"It could have been a completely different game; the management and the boys said that last year they came and frustrated us to win 1-0.

"It was a tough game and it does change if you get a goal in front - it gives you a lot to hang on to.

"Marlon - who played very well tonight - scored a great goal for us to put us ahead, fortunately enough, and it gave us that little bit of edge.

"They didn't have anything to cling on to and had to come out a little bit which gives you spaces at the back - and that is how it panned out in the second half."

It was West Ham's first home league win this season in which they have scored a couple of goals - and Teddy hopes there is more to come against Gillingham at Upton Park on Saturday.

"I didn't know that statistic," he says.

"Saturday is not a 'must win', but it is one that you want to get three points from now this one is out of the way tonight.

"But I said at the start of the season there are going to be ups and downs and frustrations - with unexpected wins at certain times.

"Tonight was a high and let's hope we keep on a high on Saturday."

Whether Teddy will play in that match remains to be seen, and he reveals:

"I felt my thigh again tonight so I doubt if I will be involved on Saturday - and I am very disappointed about that as well.

"We will have to see in the morning how it is - but two games a week has always been tough!"

Nonetheless, Teddy is delighted that one of his strike partners scored against Stoke after the defeat at QPR, and he adds:

"It was very frustrating for Marlon and Bobby on Saturday - they didn't get a lot of service but they worked hard again without any reward.

"It was nice for Marlon to score tonight because I thought he played very well - and goal that will give him confidence.

"I enjoyed playing up front with Bobby as well and if the goals keep coming from any of us it will make everyone happy."