George The Author

George Parris, one of the Boys of '86, is hard at work on a book about his football career - and beyond.

He is around three quarters of the way through the autobiography, which is likely to raise a few eyebrows, as mild off the field as he was aggressive on it.

He says:

"Not a lot of people know that I am a compulsive gambler so it will be an insight into that part of football.

"It is in the papers every now and then with Paul Merson being one, but within the culture of football it is something that is prevalent.

"In my case I just didn't know where to stop, really, whereas with some addictions, such as alcohol, you can see the signs.

"It can happen to anyone and people are shocked when they find out - I realised about seven years ago but it is under control now."

Of course, the book will feature plenty of reminisces about his distinguished time at the club and he adds:

"I enjoyed my career and hopefully people will enjoy reading the book when it comes out."

George is currently busy doing coaching work, and he adds:

"I coach the first and second teams at Sussex University amongst other things - and when we get going we will soon find out if they have been listening!

"I am enjoying doing it, especially as it is a chance to coach adults as well as kids, and you never get bored of it, really."

George is looking forward to West Ham's upcoming fixture against another of his old clubs, Brighton, and he says:

"The last West Ham match I saw was the playoffs but I haven't been this season - I am definitely going to watch the Brighton game.

"It looks like they are doing okay; they are in a challenging position and are getting one or two good results."

George is disappointed that Teddy Sheringham is out injured and feels that his contribution to West Ham's cause is immense.

"The amount of experience he has got means the younger lads can only look at him and take heart from what he is doing, and try to do what he has done over the years.

"I think I might even have played against him at youth team level and he was always a good player."

George has kept abreast of the standard of football in the Championship, mainly by watching Brighton, and he says:

"Although there is a level of skill, first and foremost all teams have to compete - then your level of skill will hopefully show through more than the other team.

"I was that way inclined anyway in that I liked to put my foot in and I think the lower down you get the more you have to do it week in, week out."