Chris Happy

Chris Powell says he is delighted that his loan spell at Upton Park has been extended by a month - and hopes it goes on beyond that.

"I am extremely happy and I would like it to be even longer but at the moment the two managers have agreed another month so hopefully it will go well, the team will keep striving to get in those top two places, and I am looking forward to being part of that," he says.

"Charlton now have the added advantage of call-back, which I am obviously not looking forward to if that happens, but I am still a Charlton player and ultimately I am still seen as a player in that squad.

"But I am enjoying my time playing and training with West Ham and I personally hope I will stay longer."

Looking at his first month at the club, he says:

"We have just had the one defeat since I have been here, at Nottingham Forest, which was very disappointing, and we have had two draws - Ipswich at home and Derby away - which I, and I think the fans, believe should have been four more points.

"But we have beaten Wolves, Rotherham, and Sheffield United, my first game which I didn't play in, so we are quietly pleased.

"I think we all know we could be, and should be, even higher, and we are aiming to do that.

"We have got plenty of games and plenty of points to play for and I am sure we will get the points we need, definitely."