Don: I'm Ready

Don Hutchison says he is back to fitness after playing a full reserve game last week against Southampton.

Don was delighted to get through 90 minutes against the Saints and he enthuses:

"It felt really good; I didn't play so well in the first half but I felt strong and fit as the game went on so I was pleased.

"I had played an hour in the previous reserve game and now 90 minutes but it is a bit frustrating that there is no reserve game this week so I will just have to do more training.

"I am nearly there and confident that I can do a good job for the first team - if the gaffer calls on me I will be ready for him.

"It is not really in my court and the only thing I can do is just get my head down and try and play well in the reserves.

"The gaffer knows that I am there but he has a good strong squad and I just have to knuckle down; if he wants me, I am there to be used."

Would he consider a loan move?

"I would have to; I am in the last year of my contract and I don't really know what is going to happen next year regarding whether I will be offered a new one or not, so I need to show other managers that I am fit and playing well - I need to be doing something for this year, definitely.

"The ball is not really in my court regarding West Ham because the gaffer has made some good signings and is doing a good job.

"He knows where I am and if he wants to play me I would be more than happy to - I have had three great years here.

"I have worked hard to come back from the injuries that I have had so I do need a little bit of luck and a break."

While doing his rehab Don has been keeping a close eye on the first team's progress, and he says:

"We are in a good position and we just need to try and get a few wins back to back because we have slipped up on a few games like the Forest one - the lads felt as if we should have won the game when we were nearly there.

"We just need to string two or three good wins together and try and stay in that top two, because once you are in that, the confidence is flying then.

"When you are in sixth or seventh there is always a little bit of catch-up here and there, and the more the games come along the more people say 'we have got to win this one' just to put yourselves in the top three or four.

"But you are not going to win every single game, it is impossible - especially in our league - so the quicker you get into the top two the more confidence that breeds."

* A scuffle between Nigel Reo-Coker and Abdullayev saw the pair sent off in the 77th minute of England's 0-0 draw in Azerbaijan on Tuesday.

Matthew Kilgallon was a substitute for Calum Davenport.