Teddy: That Was Sweet

Teddy Sheringham may have scored his 250th league goal on Saturday to beat Wolves - but he enjoyed it every bit as much as the other 249.

Teddy says his winner was a sweet strike and explains:

"It was a special goal and I enjoyed that one; their man just over-controlled it and I dinked it over his foot, took it out of my body and just curled it nicely in the corner - lovely.

"It was very unusual for me to score one like that, taking more than one or two touches, but it just fell nicely for me and I got it out of my feet well."

Was it a case of overcoming frustration at being on the bench initially?

"Not really; I knew this sort of thing would happen at the start of the season," he says.

"The manager explained to me what he wanted from me and I knew there would be times when I was left out even if I was playing well.

"Hopefully that will bring the best out in me and I felt that Bobby and Marlon did well anyway - I was pleased to see Bobby playing because it is never nice to sit on the bench.

"If there are three of us doing the job then, that is all well and good for West Ham.

"You want to be playing football, that is what you are paid for and what footballers want to do but we all know the situation."

Teddy feels West Ham are set up nicely in the league and adds:

"Against Nottingham Forest, Derby, and on Saturday we played some outstanding stuff and deserved to win all three games.

"If we hadn't have won against Wolves it would have been very disappointing and it was nice to get the three points.

"And the win boosts us up the league again and puts us in a good position for the big push near the end of season.

"It's no good racing off just yet, it is going to plan at the moment and we want to keep it that way."