Malky Missing

Malky Mackay could still miss West Ham's next two games despite the luxury of a two week domestic break.

"Malky has got a very small calf tear which he picked up after the Forest game," explains John Green.

"He came in on the Tuesday with it still feeling very stiff and it was difficult to ascertain whether he had just taken a kick or not - but when he ran on it there was quite a sharp pain.

"So we had an MRI scan and an ultrasound which both revealed inflammation, and with that sort of injury we are looking at three to four weeks.

"The plan is to get him as near as we can for the QPR game but it is more likely to be Gillingham.

"There is an old adage with calf strains; however long you think it is going to be - take an extra week."

For Malky himself, with his fledgling Scotland career blossoming, the timing is unfortunate and he says:

"It is a very frustrating point because it has been great being involved in the international scene this year and missing out on these two qualifiers means I won't have another competitive Scotland game until March.

"I believe the manager was going to take in the game on Saturday which he decided against and it is disappointing not to play for my country."