Alan: No Let-up

Alan Pardew insists there will be no let-up in training even though there is no game for nearly a fortnight.

"A few of the boys will be away, of course, but it will be interesting to focus on our set plays in particular because we haven't really had the chance to really nail those down since the new boys came in," he explains.

"It will be a good opportunity to do that because that is where your second goal and your third goal come from.

"We were strong last year at set plays and in all honesty we haven't been good at that this year - and we have to improve that.

"Every game in this league is important and that is what the players have to remember.

"With 46 games you might think 'oh, we will sort it out in the next game' but you can't do that - every game is massive - and you have to realise that.

"I think we can be encouraged by the performances; we have played quite well and maybe at the start of the season we weren't playing that well even though we were picking up points.

"That is why it was so great to get the win on Saturday - the crowd helped and we got the goal at a good time.

"It was an absolutely brilliant goal worthy of the stage at West Ham and we really got them on the back foot.

"I thought Tomas played very well and he and Calum looked a nice pair; we have got some solidarity at the back and we deserved a clean sheet.

"The result has to be taken in the context of it not being a team at the top playing a team at the bottom - Wolves have got as fantastic side and are going to win more games than they lose."

Alan is very pleased with the way Tomas Repka is playing and adds:

"The aggressive side of him has calmed down and he has got more assured in his play an about those around him.

"Last year we were changing personnel and we were chasing from 10 or 12 points behind so all that frustration built up on him.

"He is more relaxed now."

Alan says that Marlon Harewood also deserves credit for the way he has been playing and adds:

"I felt a bit for Marlon because I felt he did some terrific things; I do get a bit frustrated with him but if he was the whole product he wouldn't be in this division.

"He is learning and sometimes he switches off but some of the things he did on Saturday were terrific and he really unsettled Lescott, who is a very good player."

He is also calling on those not currently in the team to take heart and adds:

"We have got a strong squad and I said to the guys we are all going to get a chance and we have to stick together.

"Maybe for one of the first few times since I have been here we have got a nice little spirit and all the guys are pulling in the same direction.

"It is the squad who will win the league, not the team, and not even Teddy on his own!"

Alan knows the current spell without a game is the calm before the storm and he adds:

"We have got some boys playing two international games coming up then seven matches in two weeks, something ridiculous like that."

The first of those is at QPR and Alan concludes:

"I really like Ian Holloway and has done terrific at QPR - he got a great result on Saturday and it is going to be a cracking game, one to put in your diary."