Peter: Spirit's Great

Peter Grant says there is a great spirit amongst the players at West Ham - even the ones not in the side.

"The most important thing that we have been reiterating to the boys is that there is going to be competition for places but the ones who are performing well are going to keep their position," he says.

"Once you get that chance you have to take it - it is going to be the squad that gets us into the Premiership.

"The boys who have been left out have been fantastic; if they weren't training well or playing well in the reserves we would be very disappointed in them but everyone has been top drawer.

"Rufus Brevett has travelled up to watch the last two away games on his own and that is a big part of the squad's camaraderie.

"He has taken his own time to support the boys and that shows a fantastic attitude.

"That doesn't go unnoticed; it is easier to notice the 11 people that play the game and the starting line-up always looks after itself.

"It is the ones that don't start that you have got to manage correctly and they have been first class - long may that continue.

"I hope we can maintain that on the pitch and win games, which will make everyone happier."

Peter says the Upton Park fans will play their part against Wolves and adds:

"We know how good our support is; when they are onside they are fantastic and when they are disappointed they let you know - but that is the same wherever you go.

"When you play well they will be singing and dancing and when you don't they will express their feelings - all big clubs have that and it is about how you handle that."

Looking back at the Derby game, he adds:

"It was disappointing to concede the early goal but then we controlled it for long periods and were a bit unfortunate, though it was good defending on their part.

"There were a few chances and a couple were cleared off the line or whatever but we were pleased with the performance, especially after a major disappointment like Sunday.

"We showed a bit of character but we have to turn the performances into victories, that's for sure.

"There were certain games last year when we played poorly and didn't deserve anything out of the game but we ended up with draws and victories.

"If we had come out of Nottingham with a 1-1 draw we would still have been disappointed - but losing the game was heart break.

"But to have bounced back at Derby the way we did and create chances even if we didn't win was pleasing - now we have to convert these chances and we have to keep clean sheets as well.

"99% of the games we have defended really well, it just seems that the 1% when we make a mistake or don't pick up correctly we get punished."

Peter knows the heat is on against Wolves following the last two results and he adds:

"At West Ham United there is always pressure, because if you are playing well and winning people expect you to continue that, and if you are playing poorly and winning they expect you to play well and win.

"So that never eases but it is a fantastic pressure to play under.

"The purists will look on this game as a fantastic one and it is a Premiership game really - we have to get out there and make sure we put a performance together.

"We are both desperate to get back to the Premiership and to do that we have to cut each others' throats - hopefully we will get the three points, especially with the two week break coming up.

"We know how it felt against Coventry when we had to carry the disappointment for the next 14 days.

"We are hoping that come a quarter to five on Saturday we are not thinking that again.

"Name-wise and support-wise we have both got Premiership outfits but at the end of the day we are both Championship clubs striving to get out of it.

"All the best players want to play against the best and people talk about playing Chelsea in the Carling Cup but, at the end of the day, we want to be playing teams like that and Manchester week in, week out.

"But to do that, we have to win our games to earn the right to get there.

"Wolves have good, experienced players all over their side and last week they played very, very well and lost 3-1.

"So we know what a good team they are and what good individual players they have but, like ourselves when they are performing well, they are capable of beating anyone."