Carl: We'll Learn

Carl Fletcher admits that defeat at Ninian Park on Tuesday was hard to take - but insists that he and his colleagues will learn the lessons of it and put them to good use.

Carl, more used to being on duty down the road at the Millennium stadium when with Wales, was initially almost lost for words to explain his thoughts, such was his disappointment at the loss.

"It is difficult to express things in words - we went there looking to get three points but it was obviously going to be hard coming back from two down," he says.

"That said, we felt at half time we could come back into it if we got the early goal, but they got the third that killed it off - and seemed to take their chances better than we did.

"They took them well but we were looking towards getting three points after just getting one at Plymouth.

"All we can do now is try and forget about it as best we can and concentrate on the big game we have got on Saturday, against QPR."

Carl knows that adverse comment goes with the territory of being a professional footballer and adds:

"There is nothing like a heavy defeat to bring everyone together; it is a tough situation but we are paid to take the criticism on the chin and we have broad shoulders.

"Everyone has got to stick together and be really up for it on Saturday.

"People have paid good money to go and see us and we try to play to the best of our ability; no one goes there to willingly play badly or make mistakes.

"We are all trying our best and some days it doesn't work for you, but I am sure we will bounce back and work hard in training for the rest of the week."

There is, of course, a discernible contrast between the home and the away results this campaign, and Carl says:

"I think I have played four or five away games and it has been different, obviously, from the strong home form which we will be looking to keep going on Saturday.

"But you need to pick points up away if you want to be serious challengers and I am sure if we keep plugging away things will turn for us.

"All teams have some sort of thing where they do well in one situation, whether it is home or away; it is just about getting the right mixture - we have enough quality in the squad to play well away from home and on Tuesday we created more chances than we have in recent away performances.

"But obviously they were making chances as well - which is unlike us, because usually we are quite solid.

"We just have to look back on the game and try and concentrate on Saturday as quickly as possible because that is all you can do - though it will prey on our minds for ages.

"We tried to work hard and keep going and as long as you keep putting that work in day in, day out, then eventually you will get your rewards.

"I am a strong believer in what you put into the game you will get out of it and we know that.

"We had a long journey back to think about the game as did the fans who will have left work early to get to Cardiff.

"It is very disappointing for us to give them that kind of performance - and hopefully we can put that right on Saturday to make them proud of us again."