Academy Report V Charlton

Tony Carr was left very unhappy with his Academy side's defeat at Charlton on Saturday afternoon - and says a refereeing decision changed the game.

He says:

"I'd call it a miscarriage of justice; at 1-0 down we should have got a penalty, and the fact that we didn't was beyond belief.

"Sos Yao beat the full back and after pushing the ball past him his shirt was grabbed and he was pulled back - it was a stonewall penalty.

"Even the Charlton people couldn't believe it - and it came at a time when we were dominating.

"We must have had 15 corners in the second half but they broke and got the second, and after that the game degenerated into confrontations, arguments, and bookings.

"I very rarely complain about officials but I am afraid the game was spoilt by the inadequacy of the referee.

"The decision was a great injustice and changed the nature of the game, because if we had equalised with a penalty we might then have gone on to win.

"The record shows a 2-0 defeat - but they weren't better than us."