Michael - Words Don't Help

Michael Carrick admits he is inconsolable after Saturday's play-off defeat by Crystal Palace.

"It is disappointing; I thought we had a few chances but goals change games and they got the first one," he says.

"It was an uphill task from there especially in a game like that and it was difficult to break through once they sat back and defended.

"Lomy had a great volley saved and Bobby had a chance, but if they don't go in you're always under pressure if they score - and it is hard to take.

"I am amazingly disappointed but the game was there to be won and it didn't matter how you played.

"I don't think there was pressure, it was just a one-off game that we had to win - and we didn't do it, so it is back to square one, I'm afraid.

"I don't know what my future holds - I've got to get over this game first and see what happens - it is down to the club's finances so we will have to see what occurs.

"We just needed a bit more today but we didn't have it - and I would have thought there would be a few changes now that they know what is going on and we are still in Division One.

"We have got to get to grips with it quickly if we are to bounce straight back up again.

"The fans have been great - they supported us all the way, most of them stayed until the end and the major disappointment is that we couldn't produce Premiership football for them.

"It is not just the players, it is the whole staff who are desperate to be back there.

But it wasn't to be this year - maybe next year.

"No matter what anyone says, I don't think words can help you get through it; it just takes time, I suppose."

Steve Bywater says:

"It is disappointing - but it is not life or death."