Jobi: It's A Different World

Jobi McAnuff says life at Upton Park couldn't be more different than how it was at Milton Keynes.

Jobi, one of three players signed from the Dons this season, explains:

"It is a massive contrast to how it was at Wimbledon where we fought to stay up rather than get up - so I am delighted to be in this situation.

"It is a completely different league, with all due respect to them; there is a lot more interest here and a lot more fans - but I don't think I am that much of a household name to get recognised in the street!

"When I came I knew it would be a massive battle just to get on the bench; all I can do is my best and what will be will be.

"If I am not involved then I will be willing the boys on because it is in everyone's interest that we go up, but I would be delighted to play any part in the match.

"One of the things that was daunting for such a big move was how I was going to get on with all the boys and I think I have settled in quite well.

"I am getting on with the boys a lot quicker than I thought I would do and I want them to do well even if I am not playing so I will give 100% support."

Jobi knew he had to earn his spurs in the face of established colleagues like Christian Dailly, and he adds:

"It takes me back to when I first got into the team at Wimbledon with experienced players like Neil Shipperley, Kenny Cunningham, and Andy Roberts - coming into the team, it keeps you on your toes to make sure your levels are as high as they can be because that is what they expect from you.

"There are a lot of new faces so it takes time but there is a real togetherness and I think that will be a big plus going into the game.

"Everyone is really excited but at the same time it is a job and we are serious about it.

"We have played against them a couple of times this year and they have a lot of players that we have to be wary of - but at the same time, so do we."

What about the fall-out if West Ham don't win?

"I am not too clued up on that to be honest; whatever happens off the field is nothing really to do with me so it is none of my doing and not my place to say."

Jobi could be up against a former colleague if he does get involved, and he adds:

"I have a friend that plays for Palace, Mikele Leigertwood, and we have mutual friends; a lot of the boys went up on the Friday to make a weekend of it.

"I have a lot of family going so it is a massive day all round.

"But I don't care what the match is going to be like as long as we get a result out of it."