Tomas: I'll Be Calm

Tomas Repka vows that he will remain calm and focused on Saturday in the face of extreme pressure - while Alan Pardew is not even contemplating the thought of defeat on Saturday.

"I am looking forward to the last game of the season," says Tomas.

"Ipswich was a great game and everyone played well; we must play the same on Saturday - and we must win."

Tomas intends to curb his passion and remain disciplined, and he adds:

"I didn't talk with the referee last week; this is my work, and it is better like that.

"For me, it is better to play 90 minutes without talking to the referee or even the other players - it is important to keep my head calm.

"Sometimes I speak to Christian, and before that it was David James.

"I have lost my head and concentration but it is no good - I need to do my work for 90 minutes and the best thing will be to only to speak to the referee after the game to thank him."

As for the opposition, he says:

"They are a great team but I think we must win; it is the last chance for West Ham United.

"It is a good team and this is a big chance to get into the Premiership.

"I have not played at the Millennium before but I have spoken to Andy Melville and it is a nice stadium."

And will he give his shirt to a fan, as he normally does, after the game?

Yes, he says, explaining how he picks the lucky recipient.

"I just look at five or six people and choose from there."

As for Alan, he can't wait for the game and says:

"It is a massive match and everyone is fit; Crystal Palace are one of the strongest attacking forces in the division and of course all managers worry about pace in the opposition.

"I have met Iain Dowie on scouting missions but I don't recall having played against him."

He knows the game is a high profile one and adds:

"There is more attention now on the play-offs - they didn't use to get the same coverage.

"I have won and lost in this situation so I know both sides of it.

"But we can't be thinking of it as a £25m game - you couldn't manage players if that was the focus.

"But are we good enough? Of course - we wouldn't be there otherwise.

"We had a poor start, but everyone has worked hard and great credit goes to Trevor Brooking and the backroom staff.

"I am not thinking about failure or the consequences - only about getting into the Premiership.

"A lot of our players haven't been through a play-off defeat, and hopefully they never will.

"Promotion of any kind is very rare, and there are only a small band of players and managers that achieve success on a regular basis.

"Perhaps we all wanted to believe we could get automatic promotion, but, given the quality of the players we've lost over the last season, this is possibly the best we could have hoped for.

"I don't think there's been a point during the season where we wouldn't have taken this; it is a big, big day and there's only one way we can ensure it's a good one - by winning."