Brian: Take It Easy

Brian Deane is relaxed about what will be his last game in a West Ham shirt - and insists that fretting about it too much is counter-productive.

"To be honest, I am just going to try and approach it like any other game, really," he says.

"You can burn up too much nervous energy if you worry all week and it is better to just wait for the time of the game."

As for training this week, he adds:

"It has been quite low key; it all comes down to what I said before - approaching it like any other game."

It was Brian's last-minute goal against Wigan that gave Crystal Palace a back door entry to the play-offs at Palace's expense, but Brian doesn't dwell on the irony.

"I was just doing my professional duty, I suppose, so from that point of view I was happy to score," he says.

But it is certainly a twist in the story that his goal secured, as it were, Palace's opposition to West Ham in Cardiff.

"Absolutely; to be fair, they are coming to the final as the form team of the four," he says.

"It is going to be a hard game and we are under no illusions; we are quietly confident - but I am sure they are as well."

Does he think it will be an open match?

"Probably, with two good attacking teams that have options - it is going to be a good game."

As for opposing danger man Andy Johnson, Brian says:

"To be honest, I haven't really seen too much of him - I don't really watch too much of football.

"But he is obviously a good goal scorer who has scored goals at this level for the last couple of years, so he is going to be a main threat for them."