Peter's Preference

Peter Grant says that he would not have swapped a place in the FA cup final for the prize that is up for grabs in Cardiff a week later.

"I wouldn't even dream of it; I would far rather get in the Premiership than play in the FA cup final, that is for sure," he insists.

"The FA cup is one day - the Premiership is one season and hopefully more, and that is what I would love to be involved in."

He feels that sentiment would be expressed by Manchester United's opponents, too.

"I think everybody would say that," he explains, "because at the end of the day people think it is always going to the top guns that are going to be round and about the cup - unless there is a lucky season and an underdog gets there.

"And it takes four or five games to win - but the overall prize and the prestige of getting into the Premiership, the finance that goes with it in terms of the TV money and that sort of thing, we are not going to kid ourselves on that.

"As a coach, manager, or player, you just want to be involved in the top level; one-off games are fantastic, cup finals are, but you want to be looking at it on Monday morning knowing you are going to be involved against the Manchester Uniteds and Arsenals of this world."

The players were not given the weekend off, and Peter adds:

"There is enough pressure on the game anyway but we will prepare in the same way - you can't do any different.

"You hope to play as well as you can on the day and get the result; that is the bottom line, and what you prepare for.

"All the preparation goes into that, to make sure you are spot on, organised, and ready, is vital.

"Come the Saturday you have to put it into practice and you always need that bit of luck - which hopefully will be with us on the day."