Peter: Everybody Counts

Peter Grant says there is no problem in having a full squad of players to choose from - and insists everyone must be ready to make a contribution.

"People say it gives you difficulties but they are fantastic ones to have - people talk about squads and you never know when your opportunity is going to arise so you have to be focused," he says, referring to the fact that there are no major injuries in the squad.

"Brian has done that last week, and we all know what he is capable of, and everyone has a big part to play."

Peter is looking for a return to form after the Wigan game, and explains:

"We were very disappointed with the first half because we didn't meet the standard we have set in recent weeks.

"But we didn't think it was down to how Wigan had played, because we knew exactly how they would play - we just didn't perform well enough ourselves.

"In the second half we showed a lot of character and it was better - although not as good as we would have liked.

"We will have to perform better in the next three games, hopefully, because there is a fantastic prize ahead of it.

"Players know when they have not played well and they were as disappointed as we were, knowing they were below the standard we want.

"It is a just a wake-up call to remind you that if you switch off in this league anyone can beat you."

Looking at the opposition, he says:

"Ipswich are probably the best footballing side when they are on song - the two teams are similar in that they have played very well in some games and ordinary in others.

"They pass with a purpose and they can score goals - and we have to guard against that."

He is hoping no one 'freezes' and adds:

"We have been found wanting in three or four big games where the big players did not perform well, and that was very disappointing.

"We have never had a problem in the camp even when results haven't gone right - and we still think there is more to come out this season.

"It is exciting although we wanted to go up automatically because we didn't play well enough.

"They are going to be very good games against a good footballing side so we will need to be at their best.

"Saturday is the first half of a two game period and hopefully we will come through with flying colours.

"Every day you have to take your opportunities and at one stage we weren't even in the playoffs; we are in there and finished off the league programme quite well.

"We are getting closer to the Golden Goose of the Premiership where we all want to be."

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