Club Statement

Further to the statement published on this website on 28th April about the press articles that appeared referring to the announcement issued by a group of individuals calling themselves "Whistle", we are pleased the Sunday Times has acknowledged the article it published on 25th April was factually incorrect and that it apologised in last Sunday's edition.

The Times has also agreed to publish an apology in a forthcoming edition. 

This validates the statements issued by both the Managing Director and the Chairman rejecting the false allegations made so publicly by those individuals. 

Terence Brown, Chairman, said "I am delighted the Sunday Times and the Times have accepted they were wrong to publish articles claiming the Club was in financial crisis, an accusation which could not be further from the truth. 

The Club is in a strong position both off  and on the field and it is now important this clear attempt to destabilise the Club is recognised as such and the matter brought to an end. 

I am sure all our supporters will wish to concentrate on the next two important games and hopefully a successful trip to the Millennium Stadium and a return to the Premiership".

For those of you who did not see the apology in the Sunday Times here it is:


A report (West Ham struggle with £47m debts, April 25) made various statements about the club's finances, including that it is facing a financial crisis, its debts are set to rise to £47m, the club is trying to renegotiate its credit facilities and an operating loss is being forecast for 2005. 

It also stated that the club had had to sell Jermain Defoe to cover a loan repayment and suggested that the club chairman, Terence Brown, had summarily rejected a substantial offer to invest in the club.   We accept that the article contained factual inaccuracies. 

In fact, the club is not facing a financial crisis, its debts are £33m, it is not renegotiating with its bankers and an operating loss is not currently forecast for 2005.  Jermain Defoe was sold because he asked for a transfer, not to cover a loan repayment, and Mr. Brown never received, or rejected, any formal offer of investment as stated in the article. 

We are happy to correct the record and apologise for the inaccuracies.