Kevin's Happy

Kevin Keen is happy with the strides the U17s have made this season - and hopes next year will be even better.

"The progress of the players has been excellent; we have obviously had Chris Cohen who has made his debut in the first team and we have had plenty of players, such as Mark Noble, who have played in the reserves, so in that respect it has been a good season," he says.

"If you are looking at results alone the disappointing fact was that on the last day of the season we missed out on getting to the play-offs.

"We lost at Fulham which was disappointing because all season we had been in the top two, and we ended up missing out.

"It was possibly as disappointed as I have been in my whole career - it was a game on that last day that turned into a lottery with the high winds and Tottenham won their game so we got beaten by a point."

Looking to next season, he adds:

"We have got several lads who are coming on strongly and have important years next year with their scholarships.

"And we have some very talented attacking players coming into the club this year.

"Since I have been working with the U17s we have had a lot of good defensive players coming in, but this year we have lads with a lot of skilful attributes as well as a couple of defenders who are very good.

"There will be some entertainers, let's put it that way, and perhaps we will have a few more watching us on Saturday mornings."

Mark Noble captained England U17s to a 2-1 defeat against Spain in the UEFA Under-17 Championship and was also sent off in the final minute.

He tangled with Marcos Garcia inside the box and it was deemed a professional foul; Arsenal midfielder Francesc Fabregas put them into Saturday's final with hosts France by scoring from the resultant spot kick.

Earlier, Kyle Reid scored for England direct from a corner that he himself had won on the right hand side.