Elliot Signs

Elliot Ward has signed a new contract for West Ham, while Alan Pardew will keep an eye on Patrick Collins, who played alongside him in defence for the reserves on trial this week.

"Elliot signed his contract yesterday," confirms Alan, who has been unable to call on the centre half's services for the first team this season because of his rehabilitation following a back injury that needed an operation.

"He needs to keep on top of his body, as it were; he has a big shape to him but if he controls that he has a chance," adds Alan, who took the reserves' last game of the season at Charlton this week, which resulted in a 0-0 draw.

Elliot actually limped off early in the game but it was nothing to do with his back.

"He twisted his ankle and he should be okay in a week or so," says Alan.

As for Collins, the England youth defender who is currently on Sunderland's books, Alan says:

"He did okay; we liked him and we are going to keep monitoring him."

The reserves have lost just once in their last 15 games and Alan adds:

"It has been an excellent season and that has been reflected in our results.

"We have dominated most games and it has been a great finish.

"All credit to the young players that have played."