Tomas Positive

Tomas Repka knows he will have to be patient now he is available again after suspension - and fully accepts the situation.

"I am not starting against Wigan; I have not played for three games now and the team has played very well.

"I have had a talk with the manager and I know there won't be a change; the side hasn't conceded in that time so I stay on the bench - and that is not a problem.

"The manager is a very good man; for me I want to play every game but I completely understand - everyone has played well in the last three games."

He says he enjoys his relationship to the fans - to whom he regularly throws his shirt after a game - is good, and he shrugs off the spat he had with one or two at the end of the Derby game at Upton Park.

It was simply born out of frustration at his own performance and he explains:

"This was a bad game and I didn't play well; every match West Ham United plays at home we must win and it was a problem for me because I wasn't playing well - but there are no problems with the fans."

He is confident of promotion and adds:

"For me this club will go back to the Premiership whoever we get in the playoffs - we must get back.

"Another year in the first division would be difficult for this club.

"Maybe I will stay, maybe not, but like every player I want to play every game - that is life.

"There is a massive difference between the first division and the Premiership; you have to be strong in the first whereas in the Premiership teams play football."

Tomas is delighted that Mattie Etherington has been awarded Hammer of the Year, with Michael Carrick runner-up, and says:

"He is a good player as is Michael and they have played very well this season, especially recently."