Steve On Supporters

Steve Lomas says that the Upton Park crowd can make things difficult for the opposition when it comes to the playoffs.

Steve thought the fans were magnificent against Watford and says:

"If we can recreate the atmosphere of the Watford game it will be a pretty daunting task for anyone coming to Upton Park," he says.

"It was really good, though that said we gave them something to shout about so it got them up for it.

"If you are watching a pretty drab game it must be difficult for the fans to get going.

"It is a Catch-22; if you don't put on a good performance it is very hard for the fans to be up for it, whereas sometimes when you are not playing well you could do with the fans lifting you.

"In general the fans have stuck with us very well in what has been a difficult season - on top of a difficult one last time with all the change in personnel.

"One thing about the West Ham fans is that they know about football; they understand it and realise there is no point getting on the lads' backs if there is an indifferent performance - as there were earlier in the season."

Steve says Leeds will find out how massive the implications of relegation are and adds:

"Wage bills have to be reduced and that is the thing - the Premiership is the only place to be if you want to keep your top players, and when you are not there the financial restrictions are great.

"I had six months in the first division but I didn't enjoy my time there because Manchester City were struggling.

"But here the lads have been there or thereabouts for most of the time.

"Where it has probably been a culture shock, though, is that the lads probably didn't realise it would be a battle every game and you have to earn your right to play football.

"You have to slug it out for so much of the game and it is only in the last 20 minutes when the other team can't keep up the pressure they have kept you under for 60 or 70 minutes that you might see a breakthrough.

"That has probably been a problem, especially when you look at the teams we have lost to away, sides that are just renowned for hounding you out of games."

On a personal note, though, he adds:

"I am just glad to be back; when you are watching every week it is hard - and I wanted to get last year out of my system as well after moping about for a while.

"Not being able to play this season has been a right nightmare for me, so to get back and be able to play any part is fantastic.

"And, hopefully, we can take it into the playoffs and we might be able to do something.

"It has been a pretty decent run recently, but if you look at the games you would like to have thought we would win most of them.

"There have been inconsistencies so it has been good to get a few clean sheets.

"But let's just get to the playoffs and see where we are at; we have got three cup finals and if we get through the semis it is on the day in the final.

"You have to do the business home and away and we look forward to it whoever we get."