Peter Grant says everyone at the club is extremely grateful for the support of the West Ham fans this season.

7,400 tickets have been sold for the away end of the JJB stadium on Sunday - and more would have been sold had the tickets been allocated - and Peter smiles:

"It is close to Scotland so I think it is a fantastic trip!"

He adds:

"They have kept that support right through and they have been terrific for us, because we have definitely been difficult to watch at times - so we really want to put on a good performance for them at Wigan."

Peter knows that the fans want a day out in Cardiff at the end of the month and says:

"Everyone tells you how good the Millennium stadium is - but it is only beautiful if we win in it.

"If you are in the San Siro and you lose it feels like the pits of the earth; you only go to win and we if we get to Cardiff and win we will be playing in the big stadiums week in, week out."

Peter had success with Bournemouth last year in the playoffs and he adds:

"The playoffs might be new to the players but the thing is it is the same outcome - you are there to win matches over a two game period.

"It is like two halves of a game because whatever happens in the first half you have got that next opportunity, whether you have done well or poorly.

"I always say big players produce in the big games though we haven't produced in the big ones this season." Will there be any disputes about who takes penalties if any are awarded at Wigan?

Against Watford on Saturday there was a three way discussion between Marlon Harewood, Don Hutchison, and Bobby Zamora when the referee ordered a retake.

David Connolly could enter that debate if he is restored to the side at the weekend after a one match ban.

"The great thing is it is fantastic to be at a club where everyone wants to take them; I have been at clubs before where one guy was told to take them because nobody else wanted them," he says.

"You can't really practise them as such; if people are confident they take them and as long as it doesn't become a personal thing and it is for the good of the team it is okay whoever does it.

"That penalty on Saturday could prove to have been vital because if we had missed the it Watford could still have been in the game.

"It is great to have David back because his work ethic is good and he gives us something we don't have.

"But the 11 that started on Saturday did well and it a great headache to have."