Deano To Play On

Brian Deane says he won't be hanging up his boots this summer - though he has had a little trouble getting them on lately!

"I have got a few things that I am thinking about doing; I am definitely going to play on but I will assess my situation in the summer," he says.

"When I have played I have enjoyed it; I am not going to lie and say I don't want to play because I came here to do that.

"There are some great fans here; they are very demanding but in fairness they have had plenty to shout about in the recent era so they want to be entertained - and if you pay your money that is what you are allowed to demand."

Brian was not on the bench against Watford as he had a minor problem, and he says:

"I hope I will be okay for Wigan; the toe has been a little bit sore but hopefully I will be fine.

"It was swollen to the point where it is right on the end of my boot because it is the second toe that was hurt - and I couldn't get my boot on."

Brian is hoping to extend his West Ham career through to Cardiff on 29th May,and he adds:

"It is going to be tough in the play-offs, but barring something mathematically stupid we are going to make them.

"Funnily enough I have never played in playoffs; I have always been promoted automatically.

"I suppose it is just like playing a European tie, really; in the away leg you have got to lock it down.

"But, in both games, you have to try and go for it without leaving yourself over-exposed either way.

"Over the two legs you have to try and ease your way through.

"We have got experienced players in the club but you would like to think that everyone is going to play their part."