Banksie Backs Hammers

Former West Ham keeper Steve Banks is backing his old club to go up at the first attempt.

Steve, who has played against West Ham three times this season having been with Wimbledon before moving to Gillingham, for whom he played at the weekend, says:

"It was a hard fought battle on Saturday and it was just unfortunate we didn't get a point from it.

"I think maybe West Ham are in a bit of a false position in the table - they are a very strong attacking side.

"With the size of the club and the players I know that they have got from Wimbledon I would imagine they are a sure-fire bet to go up.

"We will just have to see what happens in the last seven games."

Steve recently got a free transfer to Gillingham from the Dons and he explains:

"Gillingham came in for me on a Thursday at 3 o'clock and the manager said I could speak to them.

"By half past five I was in the car driving to them to sign - it happened that quickly.

"Wimbledon had made me no promises for the end of the season and they couldn't even say if they were going to offer me a contract or not.

"Now I have until the end of the season plus two years and with the climate football is in at the moment, with a wife and two children it is something I had to take.

"Not only that, Gillingham means something to me with me having been there before."

Did playing for the Dons, and losing most weeks in a side decimated by transfers out, affect him adversely?

"As a goalkeeper everyone looks at the amount of goals you have let in so it was very hard," he admits.

"You have to keep plodding along, trying to work hard, and hopefully my performances have gone towards me getting a move.

"It didn't affect my confidence at all; I just kept on doing what I could every week."