Michael: Christian Did Well

Michael Carrick is full of praise for the character Christian Dailly showed on Saturday - and for the fans who got behind him.

Christian had some stick from a number of fans on Saturday - even before the game - and Michael says:

"It was very harsh, to say the least, but that is out of our control and we just have to get on with the job.

"Fair play to Christian, he is a great character and he turned things round.

"He has given everything; he is one of those lads that you know what you will get from week in, week out.

"He is better than that, and he has shown what he is all about to come through it well.

"The coaching staff said 'top marks' afterwards to him because it was hard.

"Things happen; if people want to shout that is up to them, but fair play, he got on with it and he came through with flying colours."

As for the fans who reacted to those booing him by applauding almost his every move, Michael says:

"They understood what Christian is all about and they got behind him, which we all wanted.

"It was frustration all round because we knew we had to win the game but they were making things difficult for us and it wasn't always going our way.

"But it doesn't really matter - we got the three points.

"We needed it; we ground it out and showed we can compete against teams that come and try to bully us, and we were pleased with the win."