Connors: We Must Be United

David Connolly is happy to be back in action at the weekend - and insists only a team effort will get West Ham promoted.

"I trained with the team on Thursday without problems, and today, so I am fit and available for Saturday," he says.

"I have missed three games after being involved with the team all season so it has been really difficult watching from the sidelines.

"But hopefully now I can get back with the lads and be involved again to try and help out until the end of the season."

David is hoping to help the side bounce back after the defeat at Millwall, and he adds:

"I wasn't there, though Millwall are a very good side; it was a disappointing result but it is unfair for me to comment, really, as I didn't play.

"With the games we have got left we are going to have to win quite a few of them to make sure we end up in one of those play-off places.

"We have to show a bit of heart and a lot of desire and the quality that we have got has got to come out in these remaining games.

"We have to be a bit more selfless for the team to make sure we are working as one for that common goal, and we have to prove that on a Saturday, not only for our team mates but for the management and the fans that are watching us as well."

He denies the assertion that West Ham have found the first division a culture shock, however, and insists:

"We haven't got our heads in the clouds as fans or players; there are good footballers everywhere and maybe this is a different type of football - but we are still good professionals and there is a lot of quality in this league.

"You have got to earn the right to win, to beat these teams - none of them are walkovers by any means.

"The ones that are near the top of the table have been beaten by lower sides just as, for example, we have beaten Premiership sides.

"Millwall and Sunderland and teams around us have beaten Premiership sides and shown that they are good sides.

"So I would not say it has been a culture shock - I would be surprised if it has."

David does want to test himself against the best in the top flight, though, and he adds:

"I am really desperate to get up there and it is hurting at the moment, but we have to be really going for it from now until the end of the season, and going as one unit.

"We have to make sure we pick up those wins, and be united as a team to make sure we get promoted - that has got to be our goal.

"We have got some good players at West Ham and when we are on our game we are a very good side, as we showed against Wolves and Fulham.

"We have to make sure we have a selfless attitude as a team; it is not about individuals.

"If we do go up I am sure we will more than hold our own but at the moment that is a very long way off - we must pick up wins in our remaining games, though."

David has been picked for the latest Eire squad, to face the Czech Republic next week, but he says:

"I have been injured so I am not too sure I am going to make that squad, but I am concentrating my energies on West Ham.

"At the moment that is definitely the most important thing - getting in the Premier League.

"When everyone works for each other, with the ability we have got, I am sure we can pick up three points."

* Well done to Mark Noble, who won and converted a penalty for England against Armenia in the opening game of the second qualifying stage for the 2004 U17 European Championships.