Peter: We Won't Give Up

Peter Grant insists that there is no way the staff or players are giving up on chasing an automatic promotion place.

"It is going to be difficult; we always knew that anyway with 10 points but at the end of the day you never give up trying - and we won't," he says determinedly.

"Everybody else has got games to play as well and until it is mathematically impossible we will be going for it.

"Norwich lost on Saturday and Sunday was a big blow for us because it was one of the ones we could have cut back on.

"Of course we are disappointed - that is an understatement - but there is no use feeling sorry for yourselves, because you don't have time to in this game.

"It is so important that we focus on the Gillingham game and that we look to that - and hopefully some injuries will clear up.

"If everyone is available the next squad that goes out hopefully won't let themselves down as badly as they did on Sunday."

Not that Peter is hiding behind the fact that, following the performance on Sunday, it is going to be anything other than difficult in the last eight games of the season.

"It was a massive disappointment; yet again it was one of those where we never rose for and didn't play well," he concedes.

"We had a little bit of luck with Stephen saving the penalty and you think could kick on from then.

"Then they got the own goal which was really unfortunate; Christian was in a good position and he has just tried to defend his area well - and these things happen in a game.

"It was bad marking to start with when the ball dropped down and he has whipped it back across the goal.

"The conditions had a little bit to do with it.

"That gave them a lift, though you are still very much in the game; but to lose a goal the way we did at the start of the second half was very disappointing and a lack of discipline probably cost us the rest of the game, really.

"Not necessarily with Stephen, because those things happen, but a few instances with Tomas over the far side, and then he loses his marker for the goal.

"These things are punishing us just now and we have to take responsibility because players know their jobs and we have warned them before what it is going to be.

"It is the players with the cool heads that will make us successful and unfortunately we didn't have that on Sunday.

"It is massive for us because you need 11 players on the pitch, but not only that, even if you don't have someone sent off, because it was nothing to do with Stephen, you have got to be disciplined and focused on your game."

Of the sending off of Steve Bywater, Peter adds:

"Stephen has done well and it was just unfortunate; the referee tried to play the advantage but the ball never went in the net.

"He had already played his shot, though, and if you do that then run into a keeper I think that is something you have to look at - I don't think the boy tried to round him.

"There was all that hurly-burly and playing football at 100 miles an hour and that doesn't make you a good player.

"You lose your concentration when you do that and you have to be in control of your aggression.

"If you are not it can be a major negative and we got punished for it."

* Reports that David Noble has already joined Boston United on a permanent deal are premature; he is currently there on loan.