Jobi's Happy

Jobi McAnuff is delighted to have scored the first goal of his Upton Park career - and to have had two starts in a row.

"I try to do as much as I can; I knew it would be tough but I have worked really hard and had two starts on the bounce which I am delighted about," he says.

"I want to make it as difficult as possible when the gaffer next picks the team."

Jobi wants to win with style and adds:

"I try to entertain the fans as much as possible within the team structure."

"He reveals he has a good relationship with Alan Pardew and explains:

"The gaffer is very honest, he has high expectations - you as have to at a club like this.

"He doesn't pull his punches; the players know what to expect and there is a good balance.

"The players respect his decisions."

As for that promotion chase he adds:

"There are a lot of games to go; we can only do what we can.

"It is not really in our hands, all we can do is win games."

Assessing the win over Crewe he adds:

"The gaffer wanted us to start well, a few flew in, and obviously we were delighted.

"The first one we had worked in training, but they were all good goals.

"You have to look at the build-up and recognise that, not just the scorer."

As for his own strike, he adds:

"It dropped, no one challenged me, and I caught it perfectly - it opened up a little bit and I sneaked it in at the back.

"I hit across the goal and that is what I was aiming for."

As for the second half, and the fact that Crewe pulled a couple of goals back, he says:

"It is always hard to follow a performance like that from the first half though I don't think we were below it in the second half.

"Their keeper made a few decent saves and we were not happy with their two goals.

"The first was a foul on me and it might have been offside, and somehow he got the second in.

"It is always a bit nerve racking to take a lead, we had to stay calm and composed - if they had got a third it would have been more touch and go."