Michael: We Can Handle Pressure

Michael Carrick is insistent that he and his colleagues can resist the pressure of the final run-in.

"We have shown throughout the season that we have got the quality; the pressure is on now and we have to perform under pressure," he says.

"It is a big stage of the season and every game now is a massive one because you can't afford to lose points, especially when the other teams are winning.

"There is no danger in us losing our heads; I know it is a young squad but there are still a few experienced lads to look after the young lads."

He does acknowledge, however, that the stress of chasing promotion is not like that of trying to avoid relegation.

"It is different because you are expected to win whereas anything you pick up when you are fighting relegation is a bit of a bonus," he concedes.

"It is something you have got to get used to."