West Ham United Learning Zone

The Learning Zone is based at The Boleyn Ground, Upton Park, in the Dr Martens Stand

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West Ham United Learning Zone is a stunningly designed education centre with state of the art ICT facilities. We are currently running the 10 week Playing For Success and Graduates programme with Primary and Secondary Schools in Newham.

We are also available during the daytime for hire by local schools for a range of educational programmes ranging from ages 7 to 17 and businesses for staff training sessions.

On 11/12/03 the Learning Zone held it's Autumn term Presentation Evening to celebrate the success of pupils that have attended the Playing For Success programme. VIP guests West Ham United's Don Hutchison and Stephen Bywater presented prizes with help from Bubbles and Herbie the Hammer, the Club mascots.

Pupils performed the Kick Out Racism bhangra dance first premiered at the West Ham United v Burnley match, Scott Smith (Kingsford) read his A to Z of Football and the Graduates showed off their work. We were also lucky to have Andrew Billington (Jack Petchey Foundation) present awards for teamwork.

From 9.00am - 8.00pm

Playing For Success sessions:
Monday to Thursday
3.30 - 5.30pm Primary Schools
5.30 - 7.30pm Secondary Schools
Playing For Success Graduates sessions:
4.00 - 6.00pm mixed Primary and Secondary
Numeracy, Literacy, ICT mornings
9.30am - 12.30pm
West Ham United Youth Academy
Thursday 9.30am - 12.30pm
Visit the Learning Zone's Website at http://www.whulearningzone.co.uk/

or e-mail us at [email protected]

Futuristic design, cutting edge technology - the Learning Zone has landed! Its dazzling new image makes it one of the funkiest, most colourful classrooms in Britain.

This room doesn't politely ask you to look around; it grabs your attention and hurls you through a breathtaking space at breakneck speed.

Photographic grass on the floor, metallic trees growing out of tables, long skateboard ramp desks, a fluorescent orange arch and a reading shed send our wow! factor into orbit. The designers definitely succeeded in their plans to "bring the outside in" and create a classroom that would have a massive impact.

Alongside the cool interior is some impressive raw computing power. State of the art flat screens, broadband internet access, video editing facilities, an interactive whiteboard and an interactive kiosk give us the potential to run a range of activities from basic ICT to multimedia workshops.

Summer 2003 saw the Learning Zone radically re-invent its 10 week programme. The sessions are now structured so that pupils take control of their own learning and are encouraged to become independent learners.

Week 1 and 2 of the programme are designed so that pupils get to know the Learning Zone and each other. Pupils enjoy circle time activities and ice breakers helping them to relax in their new learning environment. Pupils also set their own learning targets in Numeracy, Literacy, IT and Key Skills by completing a self assessment questionnaire on the computer. In week 2 the pupils go on a tour of the ground and use digital cameras and video to make up a digital arts storyboard.

Many of the sessions start with circle time when the group comes together. Activities include a story led "Learning to Count 1-10 in Japanese" which takes into consideration pupils preferred learning styles, Shipwrecked (What would you choose to survive on a desert island?) and Key Skills Presentations based on a theme(Designing a new trainer!).

For the bulk of the programme the pupils select activities as suggested by the Learning Zone teachers to achieve their individual targets. Activities are chosen from a bank of football related topics including The Fans, The Stadium, The History, The Players, The Game and The Business. Each pack is designed to cover Numeracy and Literacy activities as well as introduce ICT packages. All packs for instance cover the Microsoft Office suite Word, Excel, Publisher and PowerPoint. In The Fans pack for example you can try a numeracy merchandise activity, write a song for your favourite team or create a diary of a fan in PowerPoint. In The Stadium pack you might produce a graph of stadium capacities, measure the West Ham United pitch or email a member of the West Ham United staff about their job and duties at the Boleyn Ground.

The final two weeks of the Programme focus very specifically on the Key skills of communication, presentation and organisation. The pupils put together a practical and poster presentation to show what they have learnt at the West Ham United Learning Zone.This term, we had a fantastic array of practical presentations with pupils taking off game shows such as 'Who wants to be a Millionaire' and 'The Weakest Link'

Pupils have the opportunity to enter their final presentations into the Learning Zone competition. All pupils with a hundred percent attendance record are invited to a prize giving evening held at the end of each term. As an extra reward for their hard work all the students receive a certificate and all the competition winners receive their awards from West Ham United players.

 Jo Robson - Centre Manager Rachael Stewart - Assistant Manager Jamie McGachy - Centre Teacher   Carlos Coutinho - IT Officer
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