Christian Frustrated

Christian Dailly confesses he was consumed by sheer frustration at the 1-1 draw with Burnley on Tuesday night.

No one in the first division has drawn more league games, and the 14 games West Ham have picked up one point from is equalled only by Tranmere, Stockport, Oxford, and Scunthorpe around the country.

Looking at the game, Christian says:

"I think there was a good opportunity to get three points there and that would have been perfect with the way the other results went - it would have put real pressure on.

"But we have two games coming up at home and we have to capitalise on them."

Christian had a good opportunity to score from close range following a corner, and he admits:

"I have had a few chances lately and I had a decent one on Tuesday but I just didn't quite catch it right - if I had been a striker it might have bobbled in, but never mind."

As for Burnley's goal, he says:

"I think we just got outnumbered; Tom was in the middle of the park at the time and they had a man over who stuck it away.

"But it was a bit annoying because we dominated the game and had a lot of chances - but we did still keep going and try to pass it.

"We did enough to win the game and that is why we were disappointed we didn't.

"And if we had beaten Burnley we would have been within touching distance of the top two - which is frustrating.

Most of the draws have been away, and Christian adds:

"We have been doing really well away from home all season; we probably have got the best away record in the league.

"Draws away are okay if you are winning all your home games so that makes it all the more important that we win the next two games coming up."

It would, of course, have been another away trip at the weekend, to Old Trafford, had West Ham remained in the FA cup, but Christian says:

"That is in the past now and we are just looking to the league game.

"We feel that we are due a good win but I don't mind one nils, two nils, whatever - I will take any kind of win.

"It is getting to that stage of the season where every result is going to be vital so we have to keep going."

As for that head wound that he has played two games with, he says:

"I don't think I have headed it as much as I have in these last two games - and I am getting my stitches taken out."

As long as they don't burst with Christian's frustration...