Pards: Together We Can Do It

Alan Pardew is calling on West Ham's fans to make it a rousing run-in to the end of the season.

He says that he is enjoying his relationship with them, but stresses that his focus is on ensuring success for the club rather than seeking personal glory.

Revealing the true depth of the impression the Hammers supporters have made on him, he says:

"I learnt a little something about the West Ham fans before I came to the club but it is only since becoming manager that I have come to truly appreciate the intensity of their loyalty and passion for West Ham United."

Insisting his thoughts are not simply empty platitudes, he says:

"It is easy for a manager to publicly praise the supporters of his club, just to get the plaudits, while thinking something else in private.

"I hope, however, I have the integrity to say out loud what I think in silent - that our supporters are there to be cherished by this football club for their devotion and fair-mindedness.

"We all know that West Ham's fans have not always got what they deserved in the past - all I can do is try to ensure they get value for money in the future.

"I would like to thank the fans for all the help they have given me since I arrived at the club, when, if we are brutally honest, we have not always got the results we have striven for.

"There is no question that I am anything other than grateful for that.

"But now, as we look forward to the final stretch of the campaign, I want them to make a deafening noise, whatever the opposition is."

Alan feels the part they play will have a huge bearing on whether West Ham can achieve the 10 wins he is looking for, and he adds:

"We have heard how vociferous they can already be, but I want them to create a real wall of noise for every one of these last 13 games.

"We know they would have done if we had played at Old Trafford on Saturday, now I ask them to do the same against Walsall instead - and in every game in this final run-in."

What he doesn't want is for the weight of expectancy to hang heavy over Upton Park when they play the less 'glamorous' sides in weeks to come, and that fans simply sit back waiting for things to happen.

He feels the energy that the vocal support, home and away, can give the players could be a huge factor in determining performance, and he explains:

"Complacency is a killer in football and we need to all dig deep to ensure we make Upton Park the fortress it should be."

"The supporters play a major role in this as we enter the 'business end' of the season, and I am calling on them to make sure that, together, we all get what we want."