Jobi Settling In

Jobi McAnuff says he is adapting nicely to life at Upton Park following his move from Wimbledon.

"I am settling in and looking forward to playing some games; it has been hard sitting on the touch line because I want to be out there playing," he says.

"But Marlon has done really well on the right side and as long as he is doing as well as he is I can't have too many complaints - I just have to take my chance when it comes.

"It is a massive squad packed with quality players but I just have to do as well as I can when I do come on to keep the pressure on; I thought I did okay on Saturday."

That was Jobi's home debut, and he says:

"It was good to get on at home; it was one of those games that I knew I had to be ready for because it was end to end.

"I thought it might have been one of those days because the keeper has made some good saves and we have hit the post a couple of times - but Bobby has popped up with a good goal.

"We did well to contain Rob Earnshaw because he is one of those players you can't let out of your sights - give him a chance and he will take it."

Jobi's Upton Park career thus far has been stop-start because he was cup-tied, and he admits:

"It has been slightly frustrating not being able to play in the FA cup games but I obviously knew that when I joined; and it is a shame we went out undeservedly against Fulham.

"It is hard to watch when you can't play for whatever reason and the way the game went we were very unlucky.

"I thought there was only one team that was going to win it, and that was going to be us.

"They didn't really create anything of note whereas we had a few chances and looked a lot more positive than them.

"They looked happy to sit on what they had and at the worst I thought it might go to extra time - but I couldn't see them winning.

"There is no doubt it was a flattering score line and McBride scored with his only chance - though it was a great finish from him.

"They got a bit of a boost from that and we didn't quite recover, before they got those two goals that were flattering to them.

"The atmosphere was very good; it is nice to be at a club where the fans come out in such numbers.

"It was a Tuesday night, not the best day for the fans, but they have all made an effort and they made me feel really at home when I came on on Saturday.

"Anyone that saw us at Wimbledon will know that we tended to do well when we did go away from home when there were bigger crowds and it is something that I definitely enjoy; I take it as a boost rather a negative.

"But now it is all about the league, getting my teeth right into that, and kicking on from there."

Next stop Burnley, and Jobi says:

"It is a tough game - it is never easy against them - but we are on a good run and we need to be positive."