Peter: Activity Inevitable

Peter Grant says that there will be comings and goings this summer - but he says the club are determined to keep the best players.

"You always want to keep your best players, that goes without saying," he stresses.

"But you want people to be interested in your best players because that means you are doing something right - they would only want your players if they are good ones.

"Clubs will see we are in the first division with quality players and think they will be able to come in and get one or two.

"But if that is the case, so be it, because there will be plenty of quality players that want to wear that West Ham shirt, that is for sure.

"We want to bring players in, as we would have done if we had gone into the Premiership as well.

"Maybe we will end up losing some players that we will need to replace but in any case you need to freshen things up.

"The Liverpool team of the 80s had top quality players but they still added to it because it brought freshness to the dressing room and training.

"That is exactly what we are looking to do with our squad."