Galey: England Will Win

Tony Gale says England's defeat against France was avoidable on Sunday - but says he is confident of a win over the Swiss.

"It was very disappointing the way it happened in the end," he admits, "but you have to have strong bodies and strong minds for this one coming up - it is probably the easiest game in the group, so it has to be a win.

As for his reaction to David James' assertion that the "horrible" ball being used in the Euro 2004 tournament had something to do with the free kick by Zinedine Zidane going in, Tony laughs:

"I am not so sure about that one."

"I think he was trying to read where Zinedine Zidane was going to kick it, got his weight on the wrong foot, and then couldn't change direction.

"I think he should have waited for the shot rather than try to read it - if he had done that I think he might have saved it.

"There are no excuses; it was a good free kick, but it wasn't right in the corner and I felt David just made a mistake and went to go the wrong way."

As for the penalty he gave away, Tony says:

"He could have gone and was very lucky but I think the referee, not having sent off Silvestre earlier for bringing down Rooney, probably sided with David on that one.

"It was a little bit clumsy, and yes, he was caught short, but when he realised in that split second he wasn't going to get it he should have just held his ground and made it a little more difficult for Thierry Henry."

Looking at the Switzerland game, he adds:

"I see an England win by a couple of goals.

"I don't think it is going to be without tension, of course, and I think they will try to do to us what we tried to do to the French - make it difficult and hit us on the break.

"We will have to be patient and hopefully we will come out with a win."

And, regarding reports of trouble from England fans in Portugal, he concludes:

"I have got to be honest; down here in Lisbon, we haven't seen any trouble.

"There have been isolated incidents down at the Algarve but where we are it has been trouble-free."