Peter: Big Job Ahead

Peter Grant says that there is now a huge rebuilding job to be done after defeat by Crystal Palace on Saturday.

"I feel very, very low, as badly as everyone else does, and the biggest disappointment is that we didn't play well, which has happened too often this season," he says.

"If you play well and have that little bit of luck that goes against you there is some acceptance there.

"But we didn't play to the standard that we are capable of so we can't feel sorry for ourselves - it is the law of the jungle, unfortunately.

"How do you fix it? If the emptiness you feel on the day doesn't push you on to succeed you are not worth your salt.

"Yes, it will be hard during the next couple of weeks, that is for sure, but when we start pre-season training we have to be ready.

"It is going to be a hell of a fight and anyone that is not up to it doesn't need to be here - we can't take second prize.

"No disrespect to Crystal Palace, but we just didn't play well."

As for the implications of not getting promotion, he adds:

"At the end of the day that is up to the club; you can't make excuses and next year we will have a group of players challenging.

"Financially we know where we are going to be and all of a sudden that brings a different look.

"We have to have players that are going to win us the first division; it is no use looking to win the Premiership when you are not involved in it - we need players to take the club forward."

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